Firefox OS

Developer Preview Phone

Bringing the Open Web to mobile devices.

Firefox OS is a new mobile operating system built entirely using open web standards. In Firefox OS, HTML5 apps can directly control phone hardware and key functionality — for example making the phone vibrate, placing phone calls, and sending text messages.

We believe that developers will be truly instrumental in bringing the power of the web to mobile, so we have worked with various partners to make devices available for developing and testing apps, and learning more about customizing Firefox OS itself. This page provides useful information to developers, such as links to developer documentation, available devices, and where to obtain them.



After a lot of hard work alongside ZTE we are proud to announce the release of the ZTE OPEN Firefox OS phone, a powerful device aimed at developers and early adopters worldwide. These devices are available through ZTE's US, UK, and HK eBay stores, priced at $79.99/£59.99, and will be unlocked and open for testing and experimentation. Read more details.

NOTE: New devices have been made available from Hong Kong to cut down on postage costs for Asian and Oceanian users.



Mozilla, Geeksphone, and Telefónica worked together to create the Geeksphone Keon and Peak, respectively low-end and higher-end preview phones for developers wanting to start developing on real Firefox OS devices. Note that no more phones are being produced at this moment in time, although another run is planned for the future. A number will remain in circulation however, and these devices are still very valid for developer testing, having full updates available to them.

If you have just received a Geeksphone Keon or Peak, it is probably still running the out-of-date Firefox OS version 1.0.1. Before doing anything else with it, you should flash it to an up-to-date version of Firefox OS, as described in our guide to Flashing your Geeksphone.

Docs and tools

If you already have a Firefox OS device and want some guidance and direction, you can get started at the Firefox Marketplace Developer Hub. The Mozilla Developer Network also provides a wealth of useful resources such as API documentation and further information on Open Web App development.

If you don't have a Firefox OS device, explore the other tabs to find out how to obtain one. You don't have to wait however — you can start developing and testing Firefox OS Apps right away using the Firefox OS simulator.

Sharing with the community

When developing for a nascent platform, useful sources of information are always more difficult to find than for more established platforms. To give Firefox OS developers as much help as possible, we'd like you to get involved with the effort! We would like to invite you to add any useful information you have to the Mozilla Developer Network. You can edit pages after creating a Mozilla Persona user account and logging in.

In particular we'd love you to add tips and tricks on hacking Firefox OS itself, add tips for developing Firefox OS Apps, and add information concerning your experiences of getting Firefox OS to work on different devices. In addition, you are always welcome to ask questions and share feedback and resources on IRC and e-mail.